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fINEQUITY is an early-stage organization working to create a free financial inclusion tool for incarcerated people. Our mission is to create pathways to economic security for New Yorkers impacted by long-term incarceration.

HomeNOW Pilot Program

The Problem

Credit checks are a modern exclusion tool, used to enable discrimination in situations where it would otherwise be illegal.

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Through credit checks, formerly incarcerated people face barriers to housing, employment, and non-predatory banking services. People returning home are also charged higher rates than others for car insurance, cell phone plans, utilities, and credit cards.

How We're Solving It

The pilot program we're launching is made up of several phases.

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Financial Literacy

We will give out financial literacy materials and assess progress.

Practice Phase

We issue small-dollar, zero-interest practice loans to participants who have demonstrated understanding of our educational materials (no reporting until they're ready).

Credit Building

If everything has gone well with the first two phases, we will start reporting the loans to the credit bureaus, so that people's scores go up.

Reentry Loans

We get people access to safe capital when they're returning home.

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Our Team

Briane is a law professor and technologist with experience in prison reentry policy. Previously, Briane served as a board chair for the National Network of Returning Citizens and the DC Reduced Fee Legal Services Network.

Brittany is a computer programmer with experience building and supporting web applications. Brittany has worked on digital distributed systems and scaling products with mail-based components.